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C-Four Industries : Award-winning Mosquito Net Manufacturer

According to international standards, C-four mosquito nets are the number one mosquito net in Sri Lanka with the right height, roundness and shape. As a result, C-four the company has won awards. C-Four Industries (Pvt) Ltd became the recipient of Silver Award in indus­trial category at Sabaraga­uwa, Entrepreneur of the year-2020 ceremony organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sabaragamuwa Province and the National Enter­prise Authority.

With a 12 year-long successful track record in manufacturing high-quality mosquito nets, C-Four Industries is the only mosquito net manufacturer having an island-wide distribution network…

Our Products

Nova – Round shaped frame Mosquito Nets

Nova mosquito nets with a round frame are available in five sizes (single, double , large ,twin , super twin)  and side open 3 sizes  to fit your bed, as well as a variety of colors. laundry detergent can be used by customers for many years as it is manufactured in accordance with international standards using the highest quality raw material.

The highest quality corporate fabric used in the manufacture of mosquito nets is made of the finest yarn with small pores, making it easy for the customer to get a good night’s sleep as the heat inside is minimal and even the tiniest insect is unable to enter.  The precious plastic frame that attaches to the mosquito net can be easily and quickly installed as it is part of it. The frame gives the mosquito net a unique, elegant finish and good strength                        

Super fit – Square frame Mosquito Nets

The square framed mosquito net is available in 5 sizes (single , double , large , twin , super twin ) and 3 open side sizes (large , twin , super twin) and different colors. High quality corporate accessories used in the manufacture of this mosquito net make the mosquito net look good. Because of the square frame, the mosquito nets stretch around the bed, leading to a good night’s sleep without touching the body.

Mosquito nets protect us not only from flies but also from snakes. It has even won national awards and has a guarantee of quality. The price of our mosquito net is very reasonable as compared to the most expensive square frame mosquito nets available in the market. C-four super fit mosquito nets lead you to a very good night sleep.

Pooja – Mosquito Nets 

These nets are made in 2 sizes in yellow to offer as alms to the sons of the Buddha. The offerings are finished in a beautiful finish so that they can be offered as a pack and a box as a Dakshina to the Venerable Thero. For the first time in Sri Lanka, our company developed a mosquito net called Pooja to be offered as an alms item.

This mosquito net is in high demand in the market. The mosquito net offering is a great offering that brings great blessings.

Chutti – Premium Baby Net 

With the Chutti Baby Mosquito Net, you’re giving your baby the gift of uninterrupted sleep, free from the nuisance of buzzing mosquitoes. Say goodbye to sleepless nights filled with worry, and say hello to peaceful, restful slumber for your little one.

Choose Chutti for quality, safety, and peace of mind. Our Baby Mosquito Net is an essential addition to your nursery that will help your baby sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. Order now and create a serene sanctuary for your baby’s sweet dreams!

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